Class Offerings

Toddler Class

Goal: Help guide with confidence to become more comfortable with separation from parents in a safe and loving environment.

Daily Routines: Free play (parallel play with peers), art, active play, picture book read alouds, finger plays and songs. Spiritual growth through blessings before meal times. Music class is attended monthly.

Twos Class

Goal: Guide in parent separation, following simple directions while learning to share and play with peers.

Daily Routines: Tabletop activities including manipulatives to develop fine motor skills. Group times based around themes and include simple songs and stories. Spiritual growth through blessings and bible verses. Music and Creative Movements classes are attended monthly.

Threes Class

Goal: Strengthen social and independent skills with peers as well as teachers.

Daily Routines: Tabletop activities, free play, teacher directed activities, group time to introduce concepts (examples: shapes, colors, letters, etc.), spiritual growth through blessings, bible verses and bible stories. Music, Creative Movement, Chapel and Spanish classes are attended monthly.

Pre-K Fours & Pre-K Fives Class

*Class placement based on child’s age

Goal: To begin socially and academically preparing for Kindergarten, in a fun, loving and safe environment.

Daily Routines: Weekly themes are presented in each class to give your child opportunities to explore in the following areas: phonological and phonemic awareness, scientific discovery, literature, math readiness, spiritual growth, character education, pre writing/writing skills. Music, Creative Movement, Chapel and Spanish classes are attended monthly.

*Parents provide a light snack and lunch for all classes