Two Year Olds

Goal: Guide in parent separation, following simple directions while learning to share and play well with peers.

Mornings: Begins with tabletop manipulatives and activities to help develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, sorting, sharing and taking turns as well as free play.

Group time: Consists of simple songs and listening to stories all planned around monthly themes and concepts.

Themes: Are used to learn and explore concepts such as colors, shapes, visual discrimination, opposites, positional words, games to promote following directions. Themes may include apples, pumpkins, Christmas, winter, penguins, kites, and ocean which are incorporated into books, artwork, songs and tabletop manipulatives.

Simple songs and rhymes: To promote concepts related to themes as well as alphabet, numbers, seasons, days of week, etc.

Outside Time: Provided daily on an age-appropriate playground area, weather permitting.

Free play: Offers access to blocks, vehicles, home living area, dress up, books, tabletop manipulatives etc.

Art: Theme related in both process and product oriented ideas to develop creativity, exploration, fine motor skills, and exposure to a variety of media.

Spiritual Growth: Through Bible stories, artwork, monthly blessings as well as learning to pray. Chapel is attended monthly beginning in January.

*Music and Creative Movement classes are attended monthly.

*Parents provide a light morning snack and lunch.